ArtFields 2021 Grand Prize Winner

Charles Eady

Charles Eady a contemporary artist and author use art to examine long-held beliefs about the south. His paintings open dialogues into little-known facts about southern history. His emphasis for the past decade has been on the lives of those living in the South before the Civil War. He has a unique artistic language for layering art into history. 
Born in South Carolina he currently lives in Ocala, Florida. Eady graduated from Claflin University with a BA in Art Education. Eady won the 2021 ArtFields Grand Prize with a portrait of a girl who wanted to read. His art has been exhibited both nationally and internationally. Eady’s pioneering approach to mixed-media incorporates documents on his paintings. 
In 2023, Eady will receive his first solo exhibit at a national museum, the Appleton Museum in Ocala, Florida. A recent painting of his is a part of their permanent collection. The central theme within his work includes scenes from the everyday life of free Blacks. Eady endeavors for his work to teach history and improve social conflict. The incredibly powerful pieces disrupt mainstream imagery and gives voice to a population silenced from history.
Charles Eady authored the book Hidden Freedom. A compelling story about a free black family seeking equality in South Carolina before the Civil War. 
Signed copies available at the Appleton Museum and Brick City Center for The Arts Ocala, Fl