Artist Statement

Art is a medium that allows me to communicate with the viewers in many ways. I choose to portray accounts of free Blacks who lived in the South before the Civil War. In my work, I deconstruct mainstream history, and show new findings for further analysis.

A wealth of knowledge has been recreated by using rare documents. These papers are eventually collaged onto the paintings in a technique that allows viewers to visualize the daily lives of free Blacks.

I have found that working with mix-media gives me an openness for something unplanned. I usually discover something I would not have envisioned otherwise. For this reason, I work mostly in mix-media. It widens the boundaries of my vision for each artwork. My artwork takes a deeper look at the Deep South, in which, I use art to tell under told stories. Through my art, American history is presented on its own term. It uncovers a courageous population of people who were silenced from history.

Slightly Mixt

Kerry and Betty Davis Collection, Atlanta, GA

Black Jockey of 1790

National art exhibit, Barrett Art Center, NY

Afros and Banjos

American Jockey

Permanent collection, Appleton Museum

Ocala, FL

Hidden Freedom

C. Philip Toussaint collection, Columbia, SC